Join a gym that fits your needs and goals and consider 24 Hour Fitness

Join a gym that fits your needs and goals and consider 24 Hour Fitness

Why Join 24 Hour Fitness?


24 Hour Fitness has 400 clubs in 13 states across the U.S. Pick one that is within 50 miles of your home.

Hours of operation

24 Hour Fitness clubs  are open when you are ready to meet your goals.  The clubs don’t close and stay open 24 hours,  7 days a week, 365 days.

24 Hour Fitness


24 Hour FItness has one-club membership and all-club membership. It offers monthly and prepaid monthly plans. There are four membership payment  plan: Active, Sport, Super-Sport and Ultra-Sport. There is an option of a yearly commitment with a waived  initiation fee or monthly with an initiation fee.


24 Hour Fitness makes it easy for you and saves you time with the most advanced technology. At 24 Hour Fitness, you are in control of your membership. You can modify and edit information whenever you want.

Easy Pay

Go cardless with Easy Pay. No need to charge to your debit or credit card. Enjoy the convenience of paying for club services or products and being charged  to your membership account.


Manage your account easier than ever with My24:

  • Update personal information
  • Edit payment type
  • View personal training sessions
  • Find classes
  • Organize your workouts
  • Track your progress
  • Find tips and workout videos in 24Life app
  • Join a challenge


Stay on top of the game with 24Go Workouts On Demand. Pick from popular workouts to do from anywhere.


Prepare to meet your goals with a clear mindset, get tips and strategies at 24Life Workouts.

24 Day Smart Start

24 Day Smart Start Program gets you on right track and keeps you motivated the first three weeks at the gym.

Personal Training

Accelerate your results. Consider personal training to jumpstart your goals and get results. Pick from one-on-one, group or partner training. Or go express and pick  a quick 25-minute online workout.

24 Hour Fitness makes it easy  to find the personal trainer with Personal Trainer Bios. Here you can find the trainer that clicks with you.


Get moving and prepare for the challenge. Be ready to push harder and feel the burn with GX24 classes. Feel inspired to find the inner strength and bring the athlete out of you. Take classes at your location or from home.

Trial Pass

Try out 24 Hour Fitness for 3 days  to see how  it can help you meet your fitness needs and goals.

24 Hour Fitness promise

24 Hour Fitness is about helping you meet your goals and provide the motivation at your fingerprints with on demand workouts to keep you on track.

24 Hour Fitness

Seal the contract

You have the option to join online, in person or over the phone.

Cancel anytime

Write a letter, contact via phone or go to the club in person to terminate your membership.

Immediate help

24 Hour Fitness is available to answer any question or concerns about your membership 24/7.

Now it’s up to you to decide if 24 Hour Fitness  is the gym for you.

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